The Premier Market Intelligence System

Outreach is a Marketing Intelligence and Field Automation system that delivers control to you for strategic & everyday operational decisions based on real time data. Outreach is 360degree field marketing solution that covers entire gamut of Marketing problems- Consumer connect, referral/loyalty rewards, Competitor & product performance tracking and your distribution chain monitoring & servicing.

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Outreac 360 Degre Marketing


The Market intelligence and Field Automation system



  • Multi-protocol support for pricing, promotion and demand data collection from field.
  • Rules based configurable behavior that drives an alerting system for SLA breaches.
  • Workflow support for Operational decisions such as pricing, promotion launch.
  • Business Intelligence via drill down reports/mashups and Alerting over Business Activity Monitoring for selected Marketing KPIs.
  • Data validation framework to ensure invalid data is recognized and chaffed out.
  • Macro analysis with drill down capability in Business Intelligence reports.
  • Designed to support micro analysis by viewing the entire Sales Territory as consisting of micro markets for which custom decisions (such as pricing, promotions) can be taken.
  • Authorization framework to define authorizations for reporting data via events at micro data level, for ex restricting reporting of data by sales territory, product type etc.
  • User management incorporating Sales Hierarchy to deliver a strong authorization framework for both data collection as well as access to information (such as Reports, Queries).
  • Calibration capability before demand forecast and promotion data is accepted and processed in the system.
  • User communication preferences to receive sms, email for specific type of alerts via configuration.
  • Master data authoring and management including geo tagging of your distribution Points of Sale (POS).
  • Flexibility to define price reporting frequency and demand forecasting windows. Automated alerting system in case expected events miss deadlines for reporting.
  • Average prices and cumulative demand calculations to present macro analysis.
  • Ability to define Sales organization in hierarchical structure to manage data reporting rights and alerting, report data access.

Why Outreach?

Why Outreach for Price Tracking?

Outreach is unique platform as it provides sales territory context sensitive data collection and has built in authorization framework which helps you control reporting of data in a location sensitive way. For example, an authorized person may only report data for the location he is authorized for. Further Outreach has strong validation rules designed to chaff out incorrect data, thus ensuring decision making is not compromised due to quality of data.

Why Outreach for Promotion Monitoring?

Outreach is geared to provide a central promotion tracking where it is possible to scan all promotions running in the entire marketing territory. Further, it has built in mechanisms to calibrate information received from field before accepting it in the system as well as de-duplication functions. Thus, providing an ability to target promotion spend to micro markets for products where it is needed.

Why Outreach for Demand Forecast Management?

Demand forecast management often works on a principle of calibration for accuracy and overriding previous demand forecasts before it hits the actual timeline. Outreach has features that enable both. Further demand forecast often requires participation of external partners (distributors, Points of sale), which Outreach supports.

Why Outreach for Pricing decisions?

Outreach is ideal for pricing decisions because not only it provides intelligence for daily pricing decisions vis a vis competitors and other micro markets, but it also provides a workflow supported hierarchical pricing decision tool, by which pricing decisions can be made centrally and disseminated to field work force in real time.

Why Outreach for Referral Schemes?

Outreach supports a very flexible Loyalty/Referral program definition where sales focus can be fine tuned via weightage configuration based on product, referrer/customer type, sales territory etc. With easy, flexible processes for customers to collect and spend points, this provides an unparalleled ability to marketeers to incentivize loyal customers.

Why Outreach for Field Automation?

Outreach Mobility features delivered via App provide comprehensive suite of field forms for case management, schedule management, consumer connect and geo sensitive market context capturing such as stock positions, field cases & feedback. With features that include geo sensitive tracking of field visits to customers & surveys from consumers, the system delivers a comprehensive set of abilities to automate all facets of field work and what’s more, is extensible to your requirements.

Why Outreach for Field Workforce Monitoring?

With ability of field personnel to set their schedules with approval workflows, record actual visits including visit start point configurations, Outreach delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities to both empower and monitor compliance to field servicing requirements. Location tracking features enable route planning to field personnel & can also be used as an aid for expense auditing.

Why Outreach for Competitor Tracking?

Outreach enables you to define competing brands and auto generates Mobile and online forms to accommodate new competing brands as you configure these centrally. Outreach reports and analytics are configured to do the hard-work for you by aggregating and continuously monitoring price movements and promotion initiatives by your competitors, so you can focus on strategic decision making. What’s more the analytics in the system recognize trends and your market position vis a vis competitor at micro market level, thus giving you insights via alerts on specific micro markets that require your attention.

Why Outreach for Market Intelligence?

With ever increasing, readymade forms for intelligence metrics such as Stock position, Market potential etc. You can now truly empower your marketing managers with real and specific insights.

Where can it help?

New Product Launch

If you are thinking of launching a new product, you need empirical data of competitors footprint in micro markets that put together will make up your target market. This would require gathering data from field workforce on their pricing, stock, promotion campaigns, existing distribution network etc. Outreach can be an effective tool that can prepare you well on what to expect and monitor its performance post launch.

Distribution Chain Management

Managing a distribution chain requires consistent monitoring of their performance in terms of their ability to maintain price performance in relation to competitors, margins tracking, demand metrics as well as factors like accurate reporting of information on ground. Outreach can help by extending reporting mechanisms to partners and providing comparative analytics of distribution chain.

Competitor tracking in Volatile prices

Volatile priced commodities require frequent pricing decisions to be made, from every couple of hours, daily or weekly depending on the volatility of the commodity. Often small price corrections can be difference between significant revenue gain or loss. Real time insights on competing brands prices and ability to analyze price trends against competing brands is crucial.
Outreach is geared to deliver intelligence to make specific pricing decisions for different micro markets and then disseminate pricing decisions taken centrally to the field workforce and distributors, thus making pricing a seamless and near real time process.

Product Mix decisions

Outreach treats the sales territory as consisting of large number of micro markets. Outreach provides mashups and drill down reports that enable analysis of performance of various products in various micro markets. This can help with strategic decisions on targeted marketing for products in different micro markets such as launch of promotions, re-pricing etc.

Consumer Connect

Consumer and Influencer Surveys are designed to deliver real time market insights as a continuous process to support Strategic Decision making. Outreach provides flexibility to define forms and even supports defining different survey subject types for whom automatically different forms are rendered.

Field workforce Automation

Outreach provides mobile processes for Field Automation with ready to use mobile and online forms. These enable field processes such as Point of Sales workflows, Consumer Surveys, field personnel schedule management with route planning etc. to be automated and centrally controlled. With integration options to back end systems and location sensitive reporting, Outreach provides an easy, cost effective option to automate your field processes.

Aligning Promotions to market

Outreach provides an ability to view price and demand forecast impact of promotions. Combined with the ability to view current, historical data on competitor prices as well as promotions, Outreach can serve as a powerful decision support tool for promotion spend decisions.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Outreach supports defining a flexible, fully configurable Loyalty rewards program targeted at referrers and influencers to boost sales. With options to configure rewards and points weightage based on loyalty member type, sales territory and product type, system enables finetuning sales focus. System delivers easy of access, such as missed call-based tracking and/or SMS based alerting etc.