We are a product development organization, disrupting business solution space by delivering ready to use business applications for our customer's Field Automation & Intelligence problems.

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Field Automation Solutions

Solve your field automation problem by turning your field workforce into a data powerhouse without the CapEx, risk or lock in! Our platform for rapid delivery of Automation, Analytics business problems comes packed with features to transform your field operations.
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"Our 360degree solution to all your marketing problems! Outreach comes packed with features to address all issues of marketing in Indirect Sales/Distribution chain based marketing context. Enterprise Mobility, competitor tracking, consumer connect, Loyalty rewards scheme... Just to mention a few.
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Expert Consulting

We bring Information Management expertise with a proven track record to transform your strategic IT programs such as SOA, Strategic Integration rollout, Enterprise class BPM and more.
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Field Automation Solutions

Our rapid delivery Field Automation platform EMF, enables us to deliver enterprise class solutions to boost performance, deliver big results, faster! Our unique approach to deliver tailor made SaaS solutions, not platform, makes it a low cost, risk free alternative, but with no compromise on features:

  • Real time Field Intelligence with enterprise Mobility
  • Geo sensitive Monitoring & operations for empowerment on the move
  • Strong Analytics
  • Partner collaboration with support for external partners to participate in processes
  • Workflow support with strong authorization framework
  • Intelligence with drill down reporting etc



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YES! Outreach

If you think you could benefit from our solution to automate your marketing operations, then check it out with one email. It is very easy for you to run a free of cost, no commitment pilot and see the Solution in action, with nearly no training or pain of installing something. Just get in touch, and we can have you up and running in no time.

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You see some things that align somewhat to your business problem in one or more of the Solutions/Products, but not quite sure whether it is applicable to your problem or business context? Well, there is an easy way to find out. Get a demo arranged with us, and tell us the gaps. We may be able to enhance and customize Solution to your requirements. Just get in touch with us for a chat.

Can't see a fit

Looking to solve a business problem with Enterprise Mobility and 0 disruption? Do you need to deal with field events? Is managing audit history, sense making, transaction processing from all kinds of events a headache you could do without? Do you seek solutions to your problems without large fund outlays and upfront investments? If so, you might want to checkout EMF. Just run your requirements past us, and get ready to be surprised on how easy, cost effective and quick it is.



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