The Business EDA platform

EMF© (Event Management Framework) is a framework development that provides 'plug-in' capability to develop and host EDA (Event Driven Architecture) business solutions. EMF© is especially suited to SaaS (Software as a Service) applications because of its features such as billing, subscriber life cycle management, single tenancy data model for solutions while enabling code multi tenancy etc.

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EMF© is a developed framework that provides:

  • A design time framework to define a Business problem in pre-defined Application asset terms.
  • A development framework that enables an Application to be implemented as a hosted solution on EMF© .
  • A runtime framework to host developed Solutions on EMF© that leverage pre-defined capabilities such as User Interfaces, User workflows & authorizations, Billing & Subscription Lifecycle, Communication Protocols with Enterprise mobility etc.
  • Thus the EMF© framework enables most Business Problems to be defined, developed and hosted for runtime use on Cloud or on premises in a rapid manner.
  • Provides an ability to select multiple solutions tied into a single 'Offering'. Thus subscription framework enables to ‘pick’ hosted Solutions on EMF© , delivering a form of SaaS marketplace experience, where hosted Solutions can be selected in combinations.
  • Code Multi-tenancy and Database single tenancy to ensure cost effective use of processing capacity while maintaining data segregation for each subscriber, this extends to any solution hosted on EMF© .
  • User management with UI support along with ability to plug in to an LDAP server.
  • A pre-built pre-processing framework for any incoming events (input) to the system. The preprocessing framework is referred to as 'Arrangement'.
  • Pre-processing framework 'Arrangement' enables chaffing out data as per configurable rules in 3 stages- Authorization Rules, Validation Rules and Enrichment Rules. Thus providing data quality assurance for incoming data.
  • Rules support to implement configurable behavior for hosted solutions that drives an alerting system for SLA breaches. The SLAs are custom defined for Solutions.
  • Includes Workflow engine for basic workflow support within Solutions with inbox function. Separate inboxes for Tasks, Alerts and Notifications.
  • Business Intelligence via drill down reports/mashups is provided and defined per Solution. EMF© provides an access and Reports rendering framework to hosted Solutions for rapid go-to market.
  • Pre-built Alerting framework with an inbuilt Business Activity Monitoring engine. The Alerting framework includes delivery of alerts over user preferred communication protocol (such as email, SMS etc.).
  • Calibration capability via Manual workflow for incoming events as part of pre-processing for Solutions requiring manual intervention before incoming data is accepted for processing.
  • Configurable User preferences framework to customize user experience for any solution.
  • Master data, Rule authoring and management as part of customization framework.
  • Built in distributed caching engine for quick response time, available for use to all hosted solutions.
  • Database layer consisting of NoSQL database (for events and BIGDATA analysis) and RDBMS (to manage structured data such as Master data etc) to support all data needs for a solution.
  • JMS and persistent queuing usage to enable mission critical data handling in transit.
  • EMF© provides for interrelationships between disparate solutions by enabling re-use of common assets (such as Master data) as well as definition of output that correlates data from disparate solutions (such as reports). Thus supporting value add across multiple Solutions.
  • Includes features for raising support requests, feature requests, change requests with an audit record, thereby supporting 'self-do' functions.
  • Implements a flexible but pre-built customization framework, which enables same Solutions to be defined for application in different contexts (such as industries).
  • Uses a concept of Instance and template. Each hosted Solution is considered as a template, when subscribed an 'Instance' of the Solution is offered, thus enabling segregation of subscribers by 'Service Instance' of the Solution.

The benefits of solving your business problem with EMF© are as follows:

  • EMF© architecture contains Portal, Rules Engine, Workflow engine, Message Broker, NoSQL Database, RDBMS, LDAP integration, Distributed Caching, Enterprise Mobility, Communication Channel layer (sms, email etc) and BAM engine. Thus enabling a feature rich solution to be offered.
  • EMF© offers unique capability for solutions to be co-hosted on a multi solution tenancy EMF© instance, while offering a capability for hosted solutions to both correlate (for output such as reports, mashups) as well as collaborate (using underlying master data for example). Thus using EMF© opens up possibilities to scale hosted functionality seamlessly by adding interrelated solutions, much like module by module upgradation.
  • Bulk of the customization work, for example authorization framework to define user allocations by data to events, access to reports, event reporting rights etc is offered as a pre-built capability available to solutions without any new UI or code development. This enables strong Solution authorization features to be made available with minimal coding effort.
  • EMF© delivers pre-defined User Interface framework upon which Solution specific user rendering requirements can be customized. Thereby EMF© enables an unmatched rapid go-to-market capability for any Business Solution.
  • EMF© uses an approach to treat Solutions as templates and delivers a usable system by creating a virtual instance of the Solution with its own database. Thus giving an ability to host multiple instances of the same solution on a single EMF© instance, each customized to subscriber demands. Thus EMF© can be used to provide multi-tenant experience of same solution to multiple subscribers.
  • With bulk of the assets that go into hosting the solution of EMF© , you can be assured of quality support from us for your solution. Hence while you enjoy benefit of a solution tailored to your needs, you get support like a product!

What we offer is your delivered solution on EMF© via multiple deployment mode choices. It may be offered as an on premise Solution with license to use or as a hosted Solution on cloud on subscription basis. In either case, you can benefit from fully supported, least risk, least disruption approach that we are able to offer with EMF© .

You can benefit from EMF© in following ways:

Put simply, with EMF© you have a possibility of seeing your Business Problem solved without the disruption, risk, Capital Expenditure via traditional approaches.

EMF© is a multi-layered platform that consists of various underlying components in the architecture. The framework has a rich set of pre-built, reusable assets on these components that allow for powerful Solutions to be built in short span of time.

EMF© supports multiple deployment models to cater to any organization needs, in all cases data is maintained as single tenancy.

EMF© architecture allows for data segregation by giving a single tenancy database to each subscriber thus enabling desired levels of data security to be implemented.