The effort can be defined by user role- field users for daily activities (majority of users), management users for intelligence & decisions (minority) and Administrator users (1-2). For field users, there is minimal effort of about 2-3 hours to get basic introduction, download the mobile app and start using the system with self-help videos. For Management users, it can take about 1 day of training and 2-3 days of familiarization. For Service Administrators, it may take up to 1 week to understand various controls and configuration options. Hence for benefiting from full service, it can take up to 1.5-2 weeks.

As a first, we will provide you with a demonstration of the system, and on request, a free pilot instance for you to start using the service immediately with no risk. Your designated users will be provided with access permissions on our service portal and will be able to download mobile app from google play store. As the data is configured in the system, it will be automatically synchronized with the device based on user context (role, position in hierarchy, allocations). Thereafter, your field users can start recording field events (information) and management users start accessing the reports etc. If you are satisfied, we will proceed to create live service.

The key processes affected by MarketClout ™ are field processes and decision-making processes based on real time field data. Typically, time spend and errors for your field users will reduce drastically with significant improvements in compliance. In addition, decision making processes will benefit from the insights provided via Business Intelligence, analytics and operational alerts from MarketClout ™. Also, expense management processes can also be partly automated for field users.

MarketClout ™ comes in as a standalone application with defined integration points for essential functionalities and data. This means you can enhance your architecture by simply start using MarketClout ™ for Market Intelligence and field automation functions right away. The application is designed to be non-disruptive to your existing architecture, especially if you choose Software as a Service deployment model.

MarketClout ™ provides bulk upload options for most master data types, thus eliminating need to re-enter data. Further, the common master data synchronization candidates, such as addition of new POS etc are made available for synchronization via defined integration points.

Most of the ongoing administrative effort is for management of users and configuration of access rights after initial customization. Other than this, sporadic administrative actions may be required to adjust rule values to configure system behavior (for example, conditions for putting events in exception/in-doubt queue as non-genuine entry).

Though we do not believe that you will want to move out of MarketClout ™, in case you do, the entire transaction data is handed over on termination notice. As a system which demands little long-term commitment, you may use until you see value.

We have a policy of continuously enriching the product with new features which have a demand from our customer base. We collate feature requests and strive to add in the product without additional costs so far as possible.

The organization is promoted by veteran Process Automation and Event Driven Architecture professionals. Founders have over 27 years of experience in IT products industry and educational background of Computer Science Engineering (BITS, Pilani) and MBA (Warwick Business School, UK).

Absolutely. In fact, this is the recommended approach. For example, you may choose to start with just price tracking or consumer surveys etc. In such case, we can guide you to only configure those aspects of the system that are required for these functionalities, then you can incrementally add on functions as you go.

We offer system both on a SaaS based subscription model as well as for deployment in your premises, though some components such as routing mobile events to your instance need to be centrally owned and managed by us. in spirit of making the system easy to adopt and exit when your circumstances change, we believe SaaS model provides several benefits. The subscription itself can be signed for annual fee or quarterly payable fees.

The system is very easy and intuitive to use. However, there is some learning curve for Service Administrators who may have to configure authorization level, rules and reference data such as distribution cost etc. As for other roles, in most cases field users may be ready to start using the system in hours with intuitive app. For management users, there is small learning curve to understand reports, workflow tasks in the service.

We have placed number of safeguards to ensure that your data is not compromised. Please speak to us for further details.

We have had no disruptions to the service since our live deployment barring scheduled maintenance. We have a designated planned maintenance window of about 4 hours, once a month on a weekend day.

Absolutely, when you terminate, the transaction data is downloaded and provided to you. We purge the data to avoid any misuse.